Active and Pending in OT

Mao of Ocean Township

AS of July 12, 2023 – there are 79 ACTIVE homes for sale in Ocean Township .  

There are approximately 43 homes in the process of closing  – shown as “PENDING” . 

 CLICK HERE TO SEE ACTIVE and PENDING homes in Ocean Township

While people say prices in Oakhurst are “nuts”   – take a look around at homes YTD  sold HERE . Look at Wanamassa.  The  success of Asbury Park has spilled over to Wanamassa – where values continue to remain strong.  

Coming soon, my story about the man who built much of Wanamassa – and the people who accused him of building homes that will destroy values, cheapen the area – and within ten years – these “expandable” homes will be slums. That was 1940-1955.  If he were alive today.  Stay tuned. 

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