1973 – Deal Road & Rt 35

Channlel Lumber
Deal Road & Rt 35

The corner of Deal Road and Rt 35 has been a topic of discussion since the forming of the newer Ocean Township.  This is the first draft of the story of the corner from 1973. We have to go further back in time to discuss the creation of the corner, the first traffic light and more. For now…..
Logan Road was known as Logantown Road. Route 35 went from one lane to two early 70’s . 
Ocean Township was growing rapidly during the 60’s and 70’s.  We had land. Developers were building the apartments, building Wayside. 
By 1973, Channel Lumber was looking to move ( or expand) to Ocean Township. They wanted to build on the corner – then a 12 acre parcel. A retail store for their use, plus a strip center for other retailers.

Channel was special then. For a number of reasons.  The first, after my parents sold their chicken farm in Freehold and we rented on Hetrick Point Road in Wanamassa while my dad went back to school at Monmouth College . He took a part time job at Channel Lumber in Neptune. Once we ina while we got to go pick him up. Years later, My uncle was part of a buy out team -from that took Channel over – and eventually led it to bankruptcy.  Channel Lumber eventually failed getting the approvals to build on “12 acres” , They still came to Ocean Twp in Middlebrook Plaza, taking over the space that is know Kohl’s etc.  That was around 1977 – I got a job there stocking the store for the grand opening. The interview “your uncle says you’re a hard worker….” . }

Pictured  as opposing the plan in this 1973 photo and story from the Asbury Park Press (November ’73)  discussing Channel Lumber :  Vernon Churchill from Monmouth College who was on the Environmental Commission then (and who first marked trees at JPP) as was my dad, and William Poznak. He was the former town engineer – and also early on a building inspector. He was a great little league coach and eventually President of the Little League.  As a kid, I spent alot of time listening to him. He gave us one of our first jobs umpiring games (think $10) . Years went , he was my surveyor for our first house. My engineer when I wanted to get approvals. He told me go – how to do it – and not to back down. He didn’t take anyone’s bs.  Come to think of it – when I wanted to break a lease on the boardwalk – he taught me about buildings that are “structurally unsound” . 

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